Nuby Sound Bite Spoon Review

My little princess is not a fan of food. She turns her head and tries to hit your hand away. We are lucky if we can get her to eat a few spoonfuls of food a day. But I don’t mind since I’m giving her the best nutrition possible and food before one is just for fun so we don’t push it. I came across the Nuby Sound Bite Spoon and was intrigued. The spoons actually make noise. They come in three designs: train, plane and cars. I was excited to try out the Nuby Sound Bite Spoon on my little one. I received the pink and purple car which comes with two spoons. The car has a button on the back that you press and it makes car noises. The car also snaps off so you can put the spoon in the dishwasher. I like that the soft tip spoon is deep so food doesn’t spill as easy. My little one was definitely interested in the spoon and  kept trying to grab it. The spoon distracted her so she wasn’t constantly trying to turn her head away. She still doesn’t like food but at least the spoon helps to keep her attention.

Nuby Sound Bite Spoons can be purchased online at Best Baby Gear.


  1. These are so cute!

  2. These look so fun! I bet my little guy would love them!

  3. OMG, where were these when my kids were little, so cool

  4. These are just too cute! I cannot wait to get one for my niece!

  5. They are so cute. I hate that it is an online thing

  6. these are so flippin cute! i love these

  7. nuby products are great and cute to look at

  8. Very cool!

  9. I think I need these! SO cute:)

  10. So cute!!! I need to buy one of these!

  11. Oh, I need to get one of these! Awesome!

  12. These are the cutest. My grandson is almost 4 months and we will beginning to introduce him to baby food. I would really like to have one for him. Thanks for review.

  13. These are so cool. I love all of the new / innovative ideas they have for children now.

  14. Oh My Gosh, these are so adorable… Love it!